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#60-Hand tied

#60-Hand tied

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The Intermix Weft lays flat against the head, Look seamless and CAN be cut along the seam with no shedding. Stack up to 8 per row and use with all hair types. 

These extensions can last 9-12 months with proper hair care. Hair Care instructions provided in the packaging when received.

-Each bag contains a BLANK" Weft that can be cut to personalized length. 

length and weight

-18" 50 Grams

-22" 50 Grams

-24" 50 Grams

Intermix Weft ordering guide

-18" 1-3 bags recommended (50g-150g)

-22" 2-4 bags recommended (100g-200g)

-24" 3-5 bags recommended (150-250g)

For maximum thickness add extra bag. (50g)

Please note: Due to the processing to get to this level of blonde it may not have the same lifespan. We recommend using moisturizing treatments, oils, heat protectant to keep extensions lasting longer.

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