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Black-hand tied

Black-hand tied

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The Intermix Weft lays flat against the head, Look seamless and CAN be cut along the seam with no shedding. Stack up to 8 per row and use with all hair types. 

These extensions can last 9-12 months with proper hair care. Hair Care instructions provided in the packaging when received.

-Each bag contains a BLANK" Weft that can be cut to personalized length. 

length and weight

-18" 50 Grams

-22" 50 Grams

-24" 50 Grams

Intermix Weft ordering guide

-18" 1-3 bags recommended (50g-150g)

-22" 2-4 bags recommended (100g-200g)

-24" 3-5 bags recommended (150-250g)

For maximum thickness add extra bag. (50g)

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